Top 5 Pay Per Call Networks

There are many different pay per call networks out there. However, there are some notable ones that you should consider if you want to make money with your ads. These include MarketCall, Astoria Company, Lead Smart Inc, and Palo Mobile. Choosing the right one depends on your budget and goals.


MarketCall is one of the largest pay per call affiliate networks. This network focuses on matching advertisers with affiliates to generate quality inbound calls. Its offers are focused on the insurance, finance, home services, and travel industries. Affiliates can earn up to $350 per call.

It has an in-house call center, call tracking system, and network of affiliates. MarketCall pays its affiliates weekly, offers a free unique phone number for affiliates, and has friendly customer service.

Astoria Company

The Astoria Company pay per call network is one of the largest and most productive in the industry. They invest heavily in publisher development, education, and training to ensure that their affiliates are successful. They also provide hands-on management services to their affiliates and give them weekly payouts.

Astoria’s pay-per-call network is made up of over 200 different offers. These offers range from payday loans to legal services to online education. You can earn anywhere from three to five percent commissions. In addition, the network does not require cookies to track your clicks and calls.

Lead Smart Inc

Lead Smart is one of the leading pay per call networks. It provides a variety of services, such as lead generation and digital marketing. Its primary goal is to help clients convert their marketing efforts into profits quickly. The company also helps clients increase their visibility over their competitors. The company was founded in 2008 by Matthew Zivkovic, who hopes to help small businesses compete with larger companies with unlimited marketing budgets and wider reach.

The company works with a network of service providers, including contractors, plumbers, and home improvement services. While some of the services are more generalized, other services are more specific and targeted. The network allows users to filter out hundreds of options, including dozens of types of lead sources. It also offers lead generation from Facebook ads and Google business profiles.

Palo Mobile

Publishers generate inbound calls from paid traffic sources and are rewarded with weekly payments. To succeed in the pay per call industry, publishers need to know accounting, media buying, and analytics. Publishers who have the right tools for a successful campaign will enjoy dedicated account management and state-of-the-art technology. Publishers also have an incentive program, Publisher Perks, to help them remain motivated. Publisher Perks include customizable landing pages, a Google Ads editor, and starter keywords based on their niche.

Paid per call networks offer a number of benefits for both advertisers and publishers. Some of these benefits include fraud detection and dedicated account management. Marketcall, a relatively new player in the pay per call arena, offers dedicated account managers and full compliance and brand safety teams. Marketcall offers scalable campaigns and pays more based on the amount of messages or calls sent by its customers.


The ReviMedia pay per call network is a world leader in performance marketing, which manages transfer and click-to-call campaigns for advertisers. The network boasts direct relationships with advertisers throughout the United States, and has perfected its craft with premium pay-per-call offers. They also provide flexible payment terms and 24-hour support to their advertisers and publishers.

The network has offices in the US, Canada, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Its goal is to connect the leading advertisers with the best publishers in the industry. They work with a network of over 500 publishers and generate 400 million leads each month.