The Crystal Necklace Rectangle – A Versatile Piece of Jewelry

The Crystal Necklace Rectangle is a versatile piece of jewelry that you can use for many different occasions. This versatile piece can be customized in size and color to suit your own personal taste. This versatile piece can also be customized by laser engraving photos onto it. This makes it the perfect gift for any occasion.

Customized laser etched photo crystals

Customized laser etched photo crystals are a unique and memorable gift for any occasion. They are perfect personalized gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, or weddings. They are also great corporate gifts, promotional paperweights, and event mementos. With a laser photo engraving, they can capture any photo, making them the perfect gift for any event or occasion.

The photo engraved onto the necklace will appear in a 3D format, which will make the gift memorable. The photo can be of an object, a person, or even a pet. Since each piece is unique, the gift is sure to stand out. You can also order custom crystal necklaces for your loved ones and customize them with photos. It is best to choose photos of people, pets, or other small objects, but keep in mind that they should not be too large.

Neanderthal necklaces

A Neanderthal crystal necklace is one of the few pieces of Neanderthal jewelry to survive in Europe. Although these necklaces are not the first to be discovered from this period, they do expand our understanding of what Neanderthals were capable of. For example, we may have never thought to look for necklaces made of cave bear teeth, but this discovery has opened up a whole new realm of speculation.

Neanderthals also wore eagle talons as ornaments and symbolic elements. During the time period between 120,000 and 40,000 years ago, this practice spread across Southern Europe. In Spain, researchers found eagle talons in caves such as the Foradada in Calafell.

Rectangle pendants

If you’re in the market for a new piece of jewelry, consider investing in a Crystal Necklace with rectangle pendants. These large pendants are crafted from Luxury Crystals and plated with rhodium, rose gold, or 18k gold. They’re a perfect addition to any outfit.

This necklace is made with rectangle crystal pendants framed in sterling silver bezel settings, and strung on a sterling silver rolo chain. The rectangular pendants are approximately one and a half inches long, with a length of 18 inches. These pendants are accented by a hand forged metal rectangle accent, which is about an inch wide.

This stunning necklace is handmade with a mix of vintage-finished metal and sparkling Swarovski crystals. The pendants are encrusted in a dark burnished finish, giving the piece an heirloom-worthy sparkle. This necklace is ideal for everyday wear, whether it’s for a night out on the town, or a formal occasion.